Steve Mara The head of Melanesian Youth Diplomacy Forum or MYDIF apreciated PM James Marape and PM Sitiveni Rabuka who respect Indonesia sovereignty Issue

Steve Mara the head of Melanesian Youth Diplomacy Forum gave his big respect to Prime Ministry Papua New Guinea James Marape and Prime Ministry FIJI who delivered their speech by saying "We have no right to talk about other countries sovereignty issues as we control our sovereignty matters". 

Every countries have to respect other countries sovereignty because it will impact to international relationship and any aggrements that we have built before, Steve said.

Leave political interest behind and look forward to something important that we can offer to the future of Pasific Region. 

Lets focus to encourage our melanesian generation to be a better person in the future by build cooperation in any projects. 

I also believe that the government of Indonesia in close cooperation with any authorities in pasific region will focus to solve any threats that come, like some diseases Malaria, Covid-19, Tuberculosis and another one.

Lets build a strong relations for pasific region future, do not thing something that lead us to create conflict between us. We are strong if we are stand together and see our pasific region future together, Steve Mara. 

The Melanesian youth diplomacy forum built in 2022 to conect the young generation in the pasific region. Steve Mara is a young leader from Papua who lead several organisations and he has a dream to create a peace among pacific region.

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